Egg Drop Soup

Auf den Philippinen bestellen wir in einem chinesischen Restaurant immer eine Eierstichsuppe. Ich habe heute zum ersten Mal versucht, eine zu machen, habe sie Mann serviert und er sagte: “Ist das eine Suppe mit laufender Nase?!?

Grrrrr! 😡🤬😤

Er wird heute keinen Reis mehr bekommen, weil er es nicht verdient hat. 🤣🤣🤣.

Hast du diese Suppe schon probiert?


In Philippines, we always order an egg drop soup in a Chinese Restaurant. I tried to make one today for the first time, served it to Mann and he said: is this a running nose soup?!?

Grrrrr! 😡🤬😤

He will not get any rice again today because he does not deserve it. 🤣🤣🤣.

Have you tried this soup already?

3 thoughts on “Egg Drop Soup

  1. Yes, I’ve had it here in Germany and am surprised your husband doesn’t know it. There are several ways to make the egg for the soup: one of them is called Eierstich, which uses curdled eggs made in a small pot or dish (like a cocotte) and then cuts them into small squares. But your version is the peasent version. To make this, you finish your soup, take it off the heat, whip an egg in a seperate dish and then add it to the hot soup while stirring the soup. Looks just like your picture 🙂


    1. I used translator. Did not know that the two are different.. i beat the egg and then add it while mixing.. it was called egg drop in this youtube that i saw..


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