Goal for 2021

2020 ist fast vorbei und ich habe nur 2 Bücher fertiggestellt, aber mehr als 20 Koreanische oder Chinesische Dramen.

Ich habe Mann sogar mit meiner Sucht geschleppt, weil der Vertrag in Krankheit und Gesundheit zusammen sagt.

Ziel für 2021: von 45 kg zurück auf 42 kg (ich möchte nicht auf die Folgen von Fett eingehen, die den Kauf größerer Kleidung, mehr Essen, mehr Scheiße beinhalten), diesmal mehr als 2 Bücher lesen, ein Instrument lernen oder versuchen zu malen ( was auch immer billiger ist), keine Windel mehr für den Jungen, weniger Fleisch für Mutter Erde.

Was ist Ihr Ziel für 2021?


2020 is almost over and I have only completed 2 books but more than 20 Korean or Chinese Drama.

I even dragged Mann with my addiction because contract says together in sickness and in health..

Goal for 2021: from 45kg back to 42kg (I do not want to deal with the consequences of being fat that includes buying bigger clothes, more food, more shit), read more than 2 books this time, learn an instrument or try painting (whichever is cheaper), no diaper anymore for the boy, lesser meat for mother Earth.

What’s your 2021 goal?

7 thoughts on “Goal for 2021

  1. watercolor painting here. even if it’s just on my journal notebook.

    speaking of notebook, what notebook is that you’re writing on and how does it perform with ink and paint?


      1. i had a look. it’s a cute notebook. i’ve seen lots of people doing all these creative bullet journaling stuff but sadly, it’s not for me. i can’t even plan what to feed my daughter every night, let alone plan my whole entire week. lol.
        i do journal, though. sporadic entries, but, whatever.


      2. Its a combo for me. Plans like for birthday. But mostly i use it to log hours of work. Important for home office. 🙂 Also, i just put in photo stickers or draw some comics. Whatever to pass the time when i am pretending to work.. haha

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