Spring an der Havel

Um der Stadt zu entkommen, fuhren wir bis nach Uckermark.

Da die Oma dort nicht mehr lebt, fanden wir Brandenburg an der Havel als guten Ersatz.

Mann ist manchmal traurig. Er wird immer ein Uckermarker im Herzen sein. Mir ist das egal.

Ich bin jemand, der schließlich meine Heimat verlassen hat und gelernt hat, mein zweites Land zu lieben.


To escape from the city, we used to travel all the way to Uckermark.

But since the grandma no longer lives there, we found Brandenburg an der Havel as a good substitute.

Mann is sad sometimes. He will always be an Uckermarker in the heart.

Me, I do not care. I am someone who left my homeland after all and learning to love my second country.

3 thoughts on “Spring an der Havel

  1. Funny, that thing about countries. I was born in the USA, but came to Germany when I was 3 years old. I still feel American, but have a lot of sympathy for my host nation (also a lot of criticism – I was educated in the German school system, rather than in the American one). I don’t think I could pick a side at this point, because my homeland has so many home-made problems, but I could never become a German citizen.


    1. Germany has so many home-made problems too… but they own it at least… japan is in denial.. and philippines leave everything to god and continue on..🤣


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